Saturday, November 10, 2012

Momma got some new clothes...

My new rule for buying off of the rack is that it must already go with 3 things I own. So here are two looks with the new 'squares' top. I bought something that is longer on me and has the flattering draped neckline If you will notice that it has no set in sleeves. The top is all one piece. I think this works to camouflage my big shoulders/bust combination. I love that the top has so many color blocks that make it work with so many of my other clothes. Here are a few looks so far.
with flared jeans
with equestrian legging/quilted teal vest

neutral rain coat for warmth
secret pattern mixing


  1. wow, great new top! i would also look to the print as a big factor in figure-flattery. the medium/large scale breaks up your torso in a nice, not overpowering way, and i think that the contrast range of medium/dark with a pop or two of lighter (the taupe) is very nice on you as well. i'd keep an eye out fot similar prints for tops, scarves, dresses, etc. You could also get similar results from stenciling/screen printing if you are feeling super crafty :)

    the colors are beautiful on you too. and your secret pattern mixing is the bomb!!! steph

    1. Sometimes you get lucky and find something flattering. Thanks for the analysis because I had a feeling this worked but wasn't sure why exactly. I am somewhat crafty in that I have dyed straw for hats but never fabrics. Something I should try in the future. thankx steph