Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The third piece,when it is the star

up close detail of coat fabric  


Take a look at this fabric. It is actually made with a cutaway technique. An old table cloth was sandwiched between black fabric on top and a backing. The patterns were stitched and the black fabric was cut away to let the tablecloth fabric show.
 I think this coat is a star and I like wearing it. It is great for 50 degree weather. I contrasted it with my gold sweater which looks sunny yellow in these pictures. YES I am wearing black but not next to my face. I can wear most of my shoes again. Since I have a new knee my gait changed. I now properly distribute my weight along my whole foot;now the shoes don't fall off when I walk. Funny how the surgery for my knee benefited my foot as well.
I got this coat at a boutique in Berkley Springs, W VA about two years ago. Do you have any 'stars' in your wardrobe?

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