Saturday, March 3, 2012


What is "Sassy Casual"
It is a look I intend for myself. I think that sweaters, knit tops, shorts, casual skirts, Maxi dresses will fit the bill. I am thinking that woven shirts might be too dressy unless they go baggy and longer like the 'big shirt' of the 90's. But what constitutes sassy? I think that it will either be the colors I use or the accessories. I think leggins and dresses although they have been around a long time will work. It might be a way to sassify my otherwise too conservative pieces. Playing with proportions may make an otherwise conservative outfit sassy. 
The other biggest change I am considering is my hairstyle. I'm thinking of cutting my hair in a very asymmetrical haircut or go super short. I did this once before and I thought it looked cute but I was a lot younger. 
 What do you think is Sassy Casual ?

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  1. I'm often shooting for something I call edgy-casual. Seems like these sassy casual and edgy-casual might be similar. Comfortable clothes with something a bit unexpected- the accessories you mentioned, or something surprising about the shape or the cut of the garments themselves (asymmetrical comes to mind here too.) I think woven shirts could achieve sassy casual status with rolled sleeves and open collars (especially in plaids or stripes) or even worn more like a jacket than a shirt- layered over a knit top with only a button or two done up. I'd be a bit wary of the 'big shirt' as it can be hard to manage all that volume without looking boxy on top.
    Oh, and as you might imagine, I'm a huge fan of the super short haircut but I've had the asymmetrical bangs before too and they do look great in most hats, where super short can sometimes suggest a more 'chemo chic' aesthetic, unfortunately.