Friday, February 17, 2012

Do I feel left out?

I am wondering if I would really learn anything if I attended the shows at fashion week. I think that it would be delightful entertainment to see what other artist do but would I really learn anything. I know that the colors that the designers use are dictated by the fabrics they have access to buy. I know that Pantone dictates what colors will be "in" for a season. What I am curious about is how the designers all come up with versions of the same silhouettes each season? Is there some guide sheet that tells them ie this year design "Wide leg pants"?
How are the designs originals when you see the same items over and over again just with the details tweaked? I haven't figured this out yet. .If you know please post an answer I am interested in knowing how each designer comes up with the same variations on the themes each fashion season?

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