Friday, March 9, 2012

Sassy casual and mixing the top layer

I read an interesting post over at and I thought Audrey did a good job of interpreting how to mix a top with various completer pieces to achieve many looks. I particularly liked the mix of cropped cuffed jeans with a button down shirt and a sweater as a topper.
tan sweater with beading
white sweater with silver studs
silver lame sweater 3/4 length
copper sweater with copper flecs
asparagus green pull over
a spring green button down
I looked at my wardrobe and picked two printed button down shirts and tried to make a similar outfit and just change out the many sweaters I have. Turns out that I have way more sweaters than I realized and can come up with at least 6 looks for each blouse. I've kept the shoes basically a choice between three flats; snake skin loafers and silver ballet flat or orange snakeskin ballet flats.
     I used a warm toned shirt in this collection and the next group has a black and blue print.


  1. Great post! Will have to try this when I swap out seasonal clothes this week. It's surely not going to be really cold this Spring, is it? ;-)

    1. So true about the weather.I want to really optimize my wardrobe. I just keep buying. I want to wear what I have in multiple ways. I seem to always put together the same pieces. This way forced me to realize that I have many more options than I originally thought. Thanks for reading my blog.