Sunday, October 21, 2012

Vogue1036 Jacket Project

Before I cut out my fashion fabric  I am making a muslin of the pattern. I have to say it fits amazingly well. I was prepared to have to make the shoulder adjustments for a square shoulder and a forward shoulder and I didn't have to. There is a whole bunch of room in the shoulders of this jacket. When I read through the directions this jacket has a shoulder header and a shoulder pad. Wow no wonder. I couldn't find any lambs wool for the header at my fabric store so I am going to use a synthetic fake fur that has the consistency of lambs wool. The sleeves have a pieced detail that is very unique. It calls for top-stitching. I wanted to make this special so I have practiced on the muslin trying out top-stitching thread and using a special top-stitching needle. Superior Threads produces such products and I highly recommend them.
Brown denim with metallic gold highlights

This is a photo of my fashion fabric, it is a brown denim with metallic gold highlights so my top-stitching thread is a gold color. I have tried out many of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine,what fun that is. I have a light weight Brother CS 6000i computer machine. I am going to use stitch #02 for my top-stitching. I could have gone crazy with the stitches but I didn't want to end up with a costume effect. Today I will take better pictures of my sloper and I am going to prepare my fabric for cutting out. I have to interface the body of the jacket and it will also have a lining. I might just make the sleeves first because they are the bulk of the work on this jacket. I looked on Pattern Review  and I found one review of the pattern. This person said the band on the bottom of the jacket didn't fit properly so I am going to check mine just to be sure. I have to say that knowing where to cut the notches on the multisize patterns is very difficult. They are stacked onto one another and I was guessing which one was the correct notch for my size. 


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