Sunday, October 28, 2012

Shape of the clothing versus Shape of the person?

I have spend the last year or so looking at other people's blogs and just looking at their clothing. I have read just about every fashion advice book I could put my hands on as well. 
But something so simple struck me the other day. On some people it is the shape of the clothing that makes them look good. An optical illusion because their natural shape really isn't there. They are the skinny people that are just straight up and down with little body fat hence no curves. Then there are people like me that have lots of body fat and lots of curves that the clothing tries to drape over and 'fit'. Atlantic pacific
This blogger has many examples of herself in very shaped clothing. How many women do you know that could wear a plaid mans shirt pearls and a Tutu and look so fabulous???
Maybe I should try not to structure my curves but let clothing drape over them. Knits seem to do that but the weight of the knits is tricky. Too thin and all of the extra rumples are exaggerated. Too thick and it adds unneeded bulk. Maybe the structured pants and jackets are the best type of clothing to put on a very curvy body? So I am going to post some structured clothing then some not structured for example knits and see what you all think???? Have you noticed this as well?? Macy's model 
Recently Une femme d'un certain age
had some similar thoughts inn her recent post,"I've come to realize that the more structured, boxy pieces that I love so much conceptually really don't look good on me anymore (if they ever did). ." 

 I think that I look too masculine in these jackets despite the feminine blouse and skirt. I think there is just too much structure and they don't fit very well. I also think the proportion of the jacket is wrong; the hem cuts me in half. I need a shorter jacket with this skirt. The other problem is that the two pieces are rectangular boxes stacked one on top of the other. 
The top jacket has pockets in the wrong places and has a boxy line too.  

 In these two pictures I have sweaters that drape over my curves. More fluid and they don't cut me in half. But there is still something off and I haven't figured it out but at least I think the non structured is better on me. What do you think should curvy girls just try to drape over the curves or try to restructure?

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