Saturday, October 13, 2012


"Put Down the Scissors"
A voice in my head should have said that. I wanted to grow my hair out. I am tired of my 5 year stint with short hair. I had a bob back in 2006 and liked it. So I had intended to let it grow out. I wasn't going to have bangs but the hair in my face as it grows out was driving me crazy. I bought a headband but how ugly did I look with that....
This is how I want my haircut eventually to look. Yes it is Anna Wintour.
Okay start laughing this is what I did myself this morning. Ha I look like a serf from the farm in medieval France... Good thing my hair grows fast.

 This is before I cut the bangs. Say a little prayer for me as I face my friends in the next few weeks while I wait until I next see my hairdresser.

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