Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to dress down and still look stylish?

I am going on a camping trip to upstate NY. I will be staying at a camp ground while we visit with my stepson in the Army. 
orange-red top
So usually I overdress for these occasions this time I am going to base my capsule on denim. I picked out all of my jeans and decided to find tops by looking at all of my knit tops. Voila I had two group of prints and solids and surprisingly they fell into two color groups. Navy prints and neutral solids. The only color was an orange-red with navy in the print.The trip is for ten days so I will be posting the outfits each day. 
Since it will be way cooler there than it has been here I will be adding sweaters to each outfit. My challenge is to look stylish yet casual for this trip, for me it is easier to look stylish when I have to dress up than when I have to dress down. Do you find it difficult to dress down and still look stylish???

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