Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crafty me:Vogue 8790 and 1292

I wanted to do a post of things I have made recently so I took a photo of my skirt and top and bracelet.

The skirt pattern was Vogue 1292 the top was Vogue 8790.
The skirt was so much easier to make than the top because the sizing was so easy. It has many pieces which are tedious to sew together but the hardest part was finding an appropriate weight knit at my local fabric stores. They had nothing in a striped except for a powder blue/white stripe. So I had to go with what I could find in colors I would wear.  
The top was another story. There was no way I could increase the bust for cup size as it was printed. So I just made the largest size and kept taking in the side seams. I ended up with very droopy shoulders and a larger arm whole than I wanted. So I banded the arm whole opening and folded up the excess length. I think it came out okay. 
I love to sew because the process is so much fun. I like to fix the problems I have with fit and hope it works out. I am planning my next project now for spring. Yes it takes me that long to finish something. Do you get things done fast or slow?

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