Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY: What to do with those old coins from other countries.

I was inspired by "What I Wore blogger", Jessica Quirk.

I made my own coin bracelet
I added more coins than she did because I had a heavy chain to use so it would support more weight. I had my husband drill the wholes with his drill press. This was much easier than trying to do it with a hand held drill. My fingers aren't strong enough to keep the coins spinning while I was trying to drill. I used regular jump rings as well I didn't want to fuss with the double jump rings too hard to put on.  I did clean them in a sonic jeweler machine to get the dirt off. Have you ever made a coin bracelet? My question is should I polish the coins or leave the brass and copper patina old as it is?


  1. I would leave the patina. It makes it more antique looking. Very pretty bracelet!

  2. What a great idea! Leave as is, or maybe polish a little so it looks like you left it as is but the colors are more distinct, maybe.