Thursday, September 6, 2012

COLOR BLOCKING: purple and orange

 I am having a go at color blocking. I am wearing the darker color on top to help balance out my disproportionate top heavy body. Other than that fact I like this trend and feel I can carry it off. I am wearing neutral shoes and a neutral purse in black. Since I have warded off wearing black clothing because I don't think that color is flattering I can wear it as an accessory.
I have also given up for the time being trying to straighten my hair. I cant fight the weather any more. Cooler days are to come and then I'll go back to my Sassoon inspired hair do with smooth sides.
Notice that I have color pattern texture and shine in the elements of this outfit, Stacy and Clinton would be proud of me. (I am counting the purse as texture and pattern, the top has shine although I am not sure it shows in this picture.)


  1. I on Patti's visible Monday

  2. Let the curls go free - they look great, Adrienne! And I really like your color-blocking, the brights are great on you. Thanks for linking up with Visible Monday.