Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Style evolving part two

Silhouette: I realized a while back that until I embrace my figure and deal with it and accept that I will never look any different despite weight loss or gain.

Examples of bad silhouettes for me: The fabric in this shirt dress is just too stiff and there is so much of it that it was not flattering even though the sales person said a wrap top is always flattering.

This is all wrong. The emphasis is on the bust line. Something I don't need to do. The colors are unflattering. Black and white and red not a good color combo for me. I got talked into this dress too.

BETTER OPTIONS: All of these dresses are knits. They flow over my curves. I tried to hem them at knee length. Although the one on the left is black I tied a scarf around my neck that has flattering colors for me in it.



  1. Great post! You've inspired me to ditch the unflattering garments. Some things look better on the hanger.