Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My style ID updatepart One

The Process:Throughout the past 3 years I have worked on improving my style and trying to developing my 'look'. As a more mature woman I wanted to have a 'look' that is mine. I refuse to be jerked around by the fashion fads anymore but want fashionable wardrobe. Don't get me wrong I love to look at fashion but trying to figure out what will work on me has been a daunting task. 

Silhouette: I have learned what is my optimum silhouette, by figuring out what isn't. I  have never seen my body type in the fashion magazines. Plus size models don't look like me either. So that makes it even more difficult. The other issue is realizing which fabrications will work on my body. Kendal Farr talks about this in her book and it is a very good point. I have a fleshy body so fabrics that drape with some structure work well on me. Too much flimsy fabric doesn't work too much stiffness doesn't work. Knits with enough body work well on me, this was a surprise.

Colors:The second criteria was to find fashions in the colors that look best on me. This is easier said than done. The fashion industry has colors that they use each year. Sometimes they favor individuals with warm coloring but usually they favor the cool color complected women. If you have black hair and that color complexion you have it made, because you can wear black. Black is always in style. If you look good in  primary colors they are always available in every cut and style. If you are like me then it will be more difficult I have a warm based complexion and need muted shades. This is great for blouses and sweaters but try to find a brown suit jacket in the past 3 years. Oh you can find tweed and plaid but not any warm brown. And dresses tend to be in primary colors or bright spring colors. I can find neutral colored dresses but usually there is something else I don't like about them.Thank goodness blue suits are coming back because I can wear a shade of this color.

FIT and Proportion:The third criterion has to do with fit and proportion. I am an 'in between' person. Some of the X-large tops fits but most don't across the bust. When I find a 1X it is way too large in the hips or the sleeves are way too long. I seem to have an easier time with pants as I usually wear a regular length in a 12 or 14 or sometimes a 16 depending on how they are cut. The other issue is that my weight fluctuates because of my inconsistent exercise and diet habits. So as a result things that fit me last year may be too big or too small in 6 months depending on where I am weight-wise. (This is very self defeating behavior.) Oh and I went for a professional bra fitting this past fall and lo and behold I was wearing the wrong size, too big a band size too small a cup size. I am now looking "lifted".

THE Details:Accessories are my weakness. Whenever I get frustrated with clothes I just get a new accessory. I have way too many scarves. I have way too many necklaces. I always wear a watch and earrings and my wedding ring as a minimum.I love bracelets and wear them too.  I love shoes but they giving me fits now and I have a hard time finding ones that are comfortable and stylish.

In Part two I will start showing you some photos to illustrate my points.

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