Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 18: Vintage hat made with vintage block

I decided to add a hat picture today. This hat was made with a vintage hat block I bought from someone a while back. I just didn't have anything to wear it with until I bought this dress the other day. the hat block was a style worn in the 1940's. The crown is conical with some interesting carved detail. The other thing I did was put on a lot of eye make-up. I don't think you can tell I am amazed. What looked like too much to me is in fact photo worthy.


  1. You MADE your hats! How talented you are. This one is one of the most terrific hats I've ever seen.

    My grandfather had a job through the depression steaming panama hats. He always wore a hat even after they went out of fashion with J.F.K. going hatless at the inaugeration.

    1. just saw your comment. thanks for the compliment. Your grandfather sounds like my kind of guy!