Saturday, December 31, 2011

Part Four: the basics jeans and jackets.

 I am wearing the same T-shirt in each of these photographs. I changed the jacket and style of jeans. I am wearing bell bottom dark wash jeans and straight leg dark wash jeans. I added a few different accessories and shoes. I tried to consciously choose the colors that are best on me the muted browns and greens and golds. I still have a few with black in them but paired with the khaki Tee I think they can work. The next step is to jazz these basics up with accessories and shoes.


  1. Adrienne this is awesome! and WOW you have so many different looks from just the different jacket on top!!! i esp. like row 2 #2 and #3(that one comes across as a suit) and last row 1 and 3. starting with these basics and fine-tuning accessories, top, and shoes you could get a lot of truly fantastic looks!! and better yet, a lot of different 'feels' to them.

    Mr. e is giving me the eye - it's NY eve!! time to go out - best wishes to you and yours, have a great evening!!! steph

  2. What a great post! Love all the outfits...can't pick a favorite. With basics like this, you're set for most occasions.