Friday, July 15, 2016

Pants update I am a "deep" person

I took a pants fitting workshop with Sarah Veblen. During the workshop I tried on ready made pants samples of the Fit for Art Eureka pants that Fit. I had a choice of one front pattern and three back pattern pieces.
I learned that most people are evaluated by their width side to side measurement from the front view. Length from waist to center crotch and the depth of their bodies as viewed from the side. I have way more depth to my body when viewed from the side than I do width when viewed from the front. When wearing pants that means I need more depth so that I can "sit" comfortably in my pants.
I made the mock up muslin and it fit very nicely in the muslin toile.
At the workshop there was a person who could mark your purchased pattern pieces so that I can replicate the sample I tried on.
So I am making my first pair of pants. I bought a jeans pattern from Butterick 6327 and adapted that pattern back so that it matched my muslin pattern. I wanted a jeans look to my pants even though I am making them out of a linen blend.I think the fit in the front is overall good but they are just too big in the legs. the front hits exactly on my waist and on my side seams are where they should be. The pant legs look twisted but they are not just getting caught up on my sandal straps. The fit in the back is good across my buttocks. The pocket placement I like. The excess fabric that should curve around my butt indicates they are too big there. There is no gripping and pulling under my butt cheek which means my crotch seam is long enough. I don't carry the bulk of my weight on my lower hips but on a high hip area. These issues I will tweak in my next pair of pants. The fabric also was a much looser weave then the toile and has stretched a bit too.

 The top is just a white sweatshirt revamped. I just cut off the knit cuffs hem and neckline tucked it under and sewed. The closeup is the reverse applique that I added and used the lace again on the underside. I used complimentary thread colors in the bean stitching. Hope you like the colors I used these are new to me. I never wore this shade of lilac before. All the fabrics were purchased at a local Hancocks fabric store that has gone out of business.....

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