Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Channel Jacket project Part II-selecting the lining and trims

Lining of the jacket:
I didn't just want to make a neutral beige jacket with an ivory lining. I wanted to punch it up with a bold print lining.
neutral creme lining

Trimming the jacket:
I picked out a trim that has the color of the main fabric as well as the color in the lining print.  There are many trim options for this type of jacket. the most commons is to attach a braid to the outer coat along the neckline hemline and cuffs. It is traditional Channel to have trim along the edges of the patch pockets as well. Here is the trim that I layered over a Petersham base. I think the Petersham needs to be narrower and perhaps a blue would be nice.
example of pocket trim
an example of trim placement
I am working on transferring my pattern markings onto the fabric so I can start the quilting process.  YES this jacket requires that you quilt the main fabric to its lining. Stay tuned for the next post whereby I will talk about the quilting process.

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