Sunday, August 23, 2015

Can a boyish haircut on a sixty year old still be feminine?

What is feminine on a sixty year old? Can a pixie or boyish haircut still look feminine on a sixty year old? The juxta position of masculine haircut on a cute younger woman works. Hence the popularity of the pixie haircut on many movie starlets in recent years. But can a 60 year old rock the look?
One of the things I have noticed is that the younger set wears a lot of eye makeup with the look. The other thing I noticed is that they also wear high heels and dresses with the look. The trendier pixie cut wearers also seem to sport tattoos with the look. I am not a fan of tattoos on me and I don't wear high heels anymore nor do I wear eye makeup anymore. I am wondering if this will still work on me?
undercut pixie

curly pixie

mature woman pixie I love this one on her

Another pixie variation

a little longer versionSo I did get an undercut pixie and I didnt like it on me. I have since grown it out and I think it looks softer and more feminine. To answer my question can an older woman sport a pixie----YEP I think it works.

this is just too short for me

a lighter color as well

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