Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finding the perfect summer dress that is the bare essential for a Flamboyant Natural.

I have many dresses but none are casual. Most of them are not even my style. I bought them for occasions that required I wear a dress. I have three little black dresses even though I have decided that I don't look good in black. So I am turning over a new leaf and editing out my dresses that don't reflect my true style. I needed a knit dress that has a simple line long enough to reach my knees and in a color that looks good on me. 
So this dress will be the first one that fits these requirements, and the best part is it only cost $12.99.
The hat adds the interest.


  1. This. Is. Brilliant.

    And really how different is 'the rule - every woman needs a little black dress' from the concept of find the bare essential dress for your own personal and life styles. Absolutely different! This dress is great, the casualness of a tee, gorgeous color and the shape shows your great legs, perfect for adding as much flair as you like with accessories, a 'third layer', etc.

    that O.D. just makes your coloring glow! i need to copy you here, i have a nice assortment of dresses but none are 'the lbd for me'. You're keeping me inspired to find my own :) take care, steph