Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby it is hot outside

When it is so hot outside I still need something to wear to cover up in the air conditioning. I found this wrap at Kohls and it is perfect. The weave is so loose that I don't feel it in the heat but I am warm in the indoors..


  1. That's a great wrap...I was sitting by the swamp cooler today (on the computer) and had a blanket over my legs. :-)

  2. ooooo i like this look. you look great in the big stripes, the colors look so nice on you, i esp. like it tied how you have it. it IS kind of dumbfounding that we have to wear wraps in the heat, but that's 'civilization' for you - still kinda nutty :)

    and awesome effortless layering with the shorts and tee. very cool (i need the smiley with the sunglasses here!)

    Mary, that busts me up!! take care, steph