Saturday, July 21, 2012

Breaking my rules:Missoni knitwear

I love Missoni knitwear. There is something that speaks to me in those horizontal zig-zags!
I never wear horizontal stripes because I am already horizontally challenged in my upper half of my body, but fashion sometimes requires me to break my rules so I bought a Missoni inspired knitwear top. Here it is with denim clam-digger length  jeans.

Here I am wearing it with my new denim knee length shorts and caramel colored sandals. Although I know it makes me look bigger on top I just love this pattern and had to break my rules once. Some times fashion doesn't look good on our body type but maybe that doesn't matter because I feel good wearing something so lively. Do you make exceptions to your fashion rules and break then once in a while??


  1. I like the zig-zags too - I think it looks great. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog, Adrienne! I like yours!

    1. Thanks Shelia, I appreciate your taking the time to look at my blog!

  2. Adrienne,
    What a pleasure to discover your blog! I love what I have seen so far. Yes, we are VERY similar though apparently on opposite sides of the country. Thanks for stopping by kf-biblioblog.

  3. I love the Missoni inspired top!

    Thanks for the tip on my fraying shirt.


  4. well, i thought one of the rules was to look fantastic, so ........... no rules broken!!

    the top is very flattering on you, you have the personality to carry off that necklace and earrings with it as well so you can leave them off and it gives you flexibility. Some of these more statementy pieces can be one trick wonders but i don't think this one, even more rules obeyed ;)

    the zigzaggy colors suit your coloring and your personality, and i'm really enjoying with your shoes. Yay! steph