Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweaty casual chic/what to wear when its hot

When it is hot and sweaty how do you maintain your 'chic'. The tendency is to wear as little as possible, but by doing this you automatically go way too casual so how to meet somewhere in the middle. 'You look Fab' has suggested to wear long below the knee shorts with loose tunic tops, add accessories and voila it is hot weather chic.For me this is still too much clothing for 90 degree heat with 90% humidity.

Another version is to go sleeveless but add a light weight scarf. The Cabi Canary clothing company added a look on last years blog that seems more heat friendly. The accessories are what keep it from being too casual. Although I wouldn't be able to wear heels like that  I would find some a little less severe.  What will you be wearing?? Ill be adding some shots of hot day outfits in the next post.

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