Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Bottoms:shorts, skirts, pedal pushers

T-shirt pedal pushers light weight scarf

Chico's 2011
I like to look somewhat covered up in the summer. This works for me if I utilize light weight breathable clothing. I usually have plenty of cotton on in the heat. I love the look of a gauzy skirt with a loosely belted or tied on shirt. I like the look of shorts to the knees with a tank top with a very light weight loosely woven sweater. The loose layers are actually cooler than one more fitted top. 
Have you worked out how to feel cool and still look chic in the summer?

Chico's denim shirt and gauzy skirt


  1. I especially like the color combination of your outfit. And I've been hoping to find a pair of dark olive drab pants like yours. Yours seem to have just the right amount of 'detail'- everything I've seen lately has an overload of pockets and zippers and dangly things everywhere.

    I see lots of women looking fabulous in shorts like the ones the blonde model is wearing but whenever I try them I think they look terrible on me. Also, when I think about wearing shorts I always wonder why I wouldn't just wear a skirt. Shorts seem to me to be way less comfortable in the heat, being as they touch you everywhere, while skirts just sort of float around you (and don't end up jammed into sweaty folds in your crotch when you sit, or am I the only one this happens to?)

    I am really loving the Chicos outfit on the blonde model. I might be being swayed by the short blonde hair though. Somehow I'm always attracted by a blonde with the pixie cut even if she's wearing something I never could.

  2. So true about the shorts. I need more summer skirts. I only have 3. Because my waist is so undefined I cant quite figure out what to do about it so the skirt doesn't look like it is under my armpits... The knee length shorts are tricky you have to keep trying the lengths on the leg above knee, mid knee, below the knee. I love that Chico's model too. She is so cute with that haircut. She reminds me of you.