Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TOO TIGHT or just fitted

I started out this post to show an example of how red can be an accent with creme colored top and putty colored pant. The putty color is just a grey added to creme. Anyways since you notice things in photographs that you would not otherwise notice I am wondering if the fit on this top is too tight or is it just fitted. I hooked the hooks over the bust area to define my waist but is it too tight because there is gaping? Am I just being too critical? I do like the color combinations though.


  1. This comment is not going to help you one bit, I warn you. I think this looks lovely in the photos. Very flattering. But the gaping would drive me crazy too and I would probably not wear it hooked myself because I would fear that it looked like my overly ample body was scarcely being contained by the tiny closures and a fleshy explosion was eminent. Your top DOES NOT look like this is likely to happen but, if you are anything like me, wondering if it looks like it is too tight will cause you to be completely preoccupied with the question every time you wear it hooked up.

  2. Oh Margaret you are so my sister! Exactly my thoughts so I guess I will wear it open over a blouse. It is so difficult to wear form fitting outfits when the girls are ample. Usually I size up in knitwear to avoid the gape issue but then it is too bloused over my waist.

  3. oh, Adrienne, i think you look really beautiful with it hooked up! And i think you look LESS imposing in the hooked-up sweater than with the red coat overtop. The coat adds bulk in front and around the shoulders and covers up how small you are around the chest (under the bust) and in your neck and down through your shoulders.

    As a lady with prominent bust myself, I know how nerve-wracking it can be to 'show yourself off'. But from the outside, though, wearing clothing that shows/skims the whole form makes us look smaller. Doing 'the tent thing' makes use look like we're as big as our bust is EVERYWHERE!

    Best of luck, this look is so pretty on you!! steph

  4. Thanks another perspective always helps. You know how self critical we all are.