Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Style goals for 2015, self descriptors

My Style goals for 2015:
Tribal, Equestrian, Embellished, Textural,Tomboy, Chanel, Western,these are my self describers. Boy what a mess of words, yet they describe what I like. I have no ideal what my style architype is with these words. Yet when I look at my former clothing pictures I do see a theme. Separates are what I wear. I wear pants, pants and shorts in summer hardly any skirts or dresses. I love color and prints and I wear a lot of them together. I like the 3 piece idea;jacket-top and pants or sweater-top and pants.  I love boots because I can no longer wear heels. I love flats but they give me problems too. I am confined to wearing tennis shoes because they give my old bones cushion.
1. I need to buy more unique and stylish and comfortable tennis shoes. I only have 2 pairs and I am wearing them out too quickly.
2. I have lots of boots so I need to wear them. ( At least for part of the day)
3. I like pants I have plenty of them maybe buy some that are leather or of a different material than denim.
4. Wear more hats. I make them and sell them but don't have really nice ones for myself to wear duh!!!!!
5.Wear my jackets I have plenty of them they are dressy but look good with jeans and a blouse or top, this is my dress up go to.
6. Get a new pair of glasses mine are now 2 years old and I think I need a metal frame...??? 

I was reading Angie's list over at youlookfab and that inspired me to write this post. Hopefully it will become clearer what my style type is as I move forward this year. Funny how something so personal can seem so elusive.

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