Sunday, September 29, 2013

New month new season time to clean out the closet and I visited Target

I am again doing a really big closet edit. I have gotten rid of all of my tailored slacks!!!!!! 
I don't work anymore at a job outside of my home. I am a milliner and that means I can wear whatever I want. I want to incorporate more of what I like into my style. I am not going to let age be a boundary or my weight I am going to dress for now. I think that after reading several closet purge blogs the one that made the most sense to me was into mind. She has several methods of making clothing coordinate in her proportions catalog.  They resonated with me. I like to wear skinny jeans with a loose top, pencil skirt and loose top, slim fitting trousers with a knees length coat, slim fitting trousers non fitted jacket, and sleeveless dress.

I have some really nice boots and I can now wear them that I have gotten some really skinny jeans. 
I have honed my jacket choices.
 I am still coming up with a signature hairdo. 
My own hair refuses to stay straightened. I have turned into a naturally curly haired girl. I may just go with it but I need a haircut to work with my curls. I like the curly bob pictured above.
I was trying to let my hair go into a smooth bob like the picture below
My hair has almost grown out to this length but cant keep the bangs straight.
Like my whimsical fascinator???
I went shopping at NY and company and bought a blouse a caramel color with black trim, I went to Target and bought some booties that work and are not too high heel. They are by Sam and Libby. I also bought floral denim skinny ankle jeans, a brown boyfriend sweater, a wine colored blouse with black trim and a black pair of leggins with a quilted panel running down the side of the pants. Woo wee. I found items that work with stuff I already have and I think these clothes are a bit edgier.
I need to get my makeup look updated and start wearing the stuff. I am going for more lip color this year. Mine are so small that a good color would make them pop.

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