Thursday, May 16, 2013

She graduated today. Hurray Hurray Hurray

Well the youngest daughter graduated today from college. Yea! so in celebration I am posting what I wore to each event. One was the group awards ceremony and the other was the actual graduation.
The dress is a seafoam green and I wore a pashima with teal and the same brown/tan as my belt purse and shoes. I wore a silver necklace since the front of the belt has a very small silver embellishment.

 On this day I wore my red dress and metallic necklace and shoes. I kept the bag neutral. The weather was hot today so sleeveless was the choice. It really doesn't matter what I wore I am proud of my daughter as any mother would be. 


  1. WOW Adrienne you've been hiding this gorgeous creature from us - you minx :)

    Congratulations to you both - graduating is a big step and it reflects a lot of hard work, commitment, thinkin', and sweating it out - but i don't need to tell you ;) really you both look so happy and you look so proud and in the second picture especially you both look flat out gorgeous! and speaking of style i think that simple red dress with a couple of great accessories - especially loving the gold bag - looks great on you. I think that the bold colors and textures keep the simple shapes from looking too 'staid' or 'classical' to suit you. Could be a great style strategy to keep up your sleeve (?) for times/events when you don't want to fuss but still want to look like you and knock 'em dead! hmm, i'll have to see if there's a way i can tweak this particular strategy for my own nefarious needs - heehe!

    Seriously, congrats again and give that girl of yours a big hug from me!! steph

    1. I sure will hug her she is leaving the nest so I cant get enough in... Yes I bought this dress for 20.00 such a deal. I love red and I thought the built in structure would give me a waistline. True that when you go basic you can flavor it depending upon the accessories. Thanks for commenting.