Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day shopping: cargos, deck shoes, and a rescued hat

I went shopping so this is what I decided to wear. I wanted to rescue this seagrass hat that has unraveled a little on the brim. It has a rather tall crown so I thought it would be perfect for a wide ribbon band and a big handmade ribbon flower. Sometimes I like to do the projects but they don't sell well in the modern world. So this very comfortable sea grass hat got re-blocked and I sculpted the brim to hide the flaws. 
I decided to wear my green cargo pants with a simple white top and sweater with the red shoe and purse accents.  The sweater has studs which I am not sure if they added too much bling but whatever it is the only white-ish sweater I have so I made do. Do you make do or do you run out and buy specific things to go together? I am not so fussy anymore making do is fine with me.

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