Sunday, March 31, 2013

UPDATE: Butterick 5612;the tablecloth Tunic It is finished !

front view with buttons
I finally finished this tunic. I affectionately call it my 'Tablecloth Tunic'. The fabric has a lot of body to it because it has a woven texture in it. I think the pattern is too big and if I ever make another one will make it a size smaller. I loosely tied the belt to help gather in some of the volume. I just added plain buttons as I think it looks less homemade that way. I will wear it to events that are very hot outside because this top will breathe.
sleeve tabs with buttons

woven pattern in fabric
I usually make a muslin of something first but why waste the muslin when I can waste some fabric in my stash. I had this cool woven medium weight fabric that I got from my mother. Who knows how old this is. She stopped sewing in 1997 because her eyesight got too bad. I just love the color and the weight and the woven pattern on this fabric.
I thought it would make a very interesting tunic top. My family however has deemed it the "tablecloth top".
I haven't sewn the buttonholes yet nor the buttons on yet. Not sure I like these. Maybe I should just use plain ones, these scream "home-mad top".
I will belt it, I made a fabric one but not sure I like it. When it is completely done I will model it . I am going over to Not Dead Yet Style today. So my question is should I use these buttons or plain ones? Should I use a self fabric belt or some kind of leather belt?


  1. Very nice, breezy top for spring and summer! I like the idea of plain buttons, for a more neutral look, perhaps. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. Yea I'm leaning towards the plain too.

  3. very very nice! i like this one a lot, those plain buttons look great and play well with the texture of the fabric. Fabulous casual with your jeans! I'd like to see it worn loose with a pencil skirt and a small heeled sandal to show off your legs :)

    Great sewing, i love it!! w00t!!! steph