Sunday, June 24, 2012

The dirty wardrobe:what to wear when you are going to get dirty?

Every year I need to re evaluate what I wear. Last year was the year I got a professional color analysis and a professional bra analysis. Money well spent.
This year I am going to analyze my wardrobe according to NEED not WANT.
I have come up with a list of my usual activities and sorted them into two groups:dirty not dirty. I need to realize that some of my activities make me sweat and get grubby while other activities I carry out don't. 
Here are the list of dirty activities: indoor cleaning, outdoor lawn care, dog grooming, dog walking, exercising at gym or riding bicycle.
Normally I wear grubby T shirts and beat up shorts to do the dirty activities and invariably I will jump into the car to go to the grocery store without changing first. Guess who I always run into at the grocery store when I do this of course people I know. So I want to create a "dirty activity wardrobe" that I won't be embarrassed to be seen in at the grocery store.
So my question is what do you wear to sweat in??
Are exercise clothes practical enough to do grubby work around the house?  I noticed that yoga pants etc are not inexpensive but because of their 'wicking' properties may be more practical, what do you all wear to sweat in? I noticed that Angie of 'You Look Fab' just calls this type of clothing 'gear'. She states that you should never wear your gear except at home or in the gym. Is it realistic to be fashionable when you are sweating???

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