Sunday, November 27, 2011

Working on hats planning session

When women buy my hats they are usually impressed with how good they look. I have seen several women tell me that hats dont look good on them and then end up buying one of my hats because that wasnt true. What was true they never had found the right hat before. I LOVE when this happens. I want women to feel good about how they look.

When I develop a new line of hats I always sort all of my stuff by colors. I put all of the hatblanks ribbons and flower trims, feathers, together by colors. That way I know what I have and what colors I need. Then I usually dye the straws the colors I need. I confess I love to do the dye process. I usually go overboard and dont make enough neutral colors. Most ladies buy neutrals with a color trim. American Women are very conservative when it comes to hats. Okay that is a sweeping generalization. Maybe it is better to say that most of my first time hat buyers buy hats in neutrals.But I LOVE making the colored hats and putting them together...

The next thing I consider is the shapes. I have some shape combinations that people love. I have other odd shapes that I usually only make one or two of per season.

Then I get busy trying to have a variety in each size group. Small -medium- large head sizes. I never trim hats exactly alike. I use a variation on a theme; ribbon with flower on one hat, ribbon with feather with flower, fabric sash and buckle all in the same color families. This way it gives the hat some variety without going crazy trying to think this stuff up.

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