Saturday, November 26, 2011

French Chic

I was reading an article on "How to dress like a French woman". I do like the classic French chic style. But what is the 'American Chic" style? I'd like to think that each region of the US has an architype of style. I think that West coast is the Blond thin suntanned kaftan wearing ladies like the ones on the TV show The Housewives of Orange County . Women from Atlanta in the Southeast I think of sundresses and high heels and curly hair and those classic colors of hot pink and lime green. Women of DC I think of the well heeled business suits. Classic bob haircuts. Floridians I think of capri pants beautiful sandles blond hair and suntans and beautiful manicures and pedicures. New York women I think of artsy avant guard style. The northwestern women I think of boots and beautiful sweaters and coats of wonderfully hand felted woolens. My sterotypes may be off but the point I'm trying to make is that we -The American Women- are chic and have our own looks. I am proud to be one of them an I am glad no one mistakes me for French Italian or German.. Okay now I'll come off of my soap box and say Ladies lets step up to the plate. Clean up our acts. NO MORE FUNKY SWEATS at the grocery store.

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  1. You certainly have the 'right-hand' perfectly analyzed, but I'm not sure the 'left-hand' is well represented by reality shows!