Friday, February 27, 2009

fashion update

Well I discovered a tripod in my office closet and figured out how to use it. I also discovered my camera has a timer. So I set it up jump in front of the camera and VIOLA !
It is funny because a few times I lost my balance and all I got a picture of was the door... Old age the balance is the first to go.
I like the colors in this blouse. The ruffles down the front would have normally made me put it back but just couldnt resist the colors. Paired with the black pants I think it works. These are pants I just had altered to fit. Well for $10.00 I could have just sewed up the back seam too. Next time Ill just go buy a new pair of pants. Now I have sunk money into these so I've got to suffer with them until I loose more weight and am down a size. How is the posing coming?
I'm thinking my hair doesnt have enough length. My head looks too small for my broad shoulders.

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