Saturday, September 5, 2015

There is progress on the Chanel Jacket

I have made progress on the Chanel Jacket. I have it all sewn together the chain is stitched onto the hem. I am now painstakingly
sewing the ribbon trim and then the braid on top.You can see the navy ribbon peaking out on the sides of the trim. This is to make the braid pop. The buttonholes will be added after the trim is place on the jacket. The jacket has been a labor of love but I will be making another one with better fabric the next go around.

I wanted to mention Craftsy because that is the online sewing service I have been using to guide me through this jacket. The class is called the Iconic Tweed Jacket. I do recommend this class it is well presented and the video are great because you can watch them repeatedly if needed.
So my blogger friends that sew what are you working on?
Here are some examples of real Chanel jackets that I found on line.

 The one on the right uses the rough edges as a trim

Hope you enjoyed looking at the real deal.

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