Thursday, October 16, 2014

Georgia O'keefe influencing my designs

I went to the Georgia O'Keefe museum in Santa Fe the other day. These two paintings done by her have so influenced me in how I want to decorate two new hats I am planning for my 2015 spring/fall hat collection. I love the stone color of the first painting and the use of a simple green leaf, then over to the side the black/blue combination. I thing a stone colored hat in felt with a green leaf embroidered on it with a black/blue ribbon simply tied on it will be sublime like her painting.

The next patchwork painting could very well end up being a hat band on a blue hat. I love the hues of the browns juxtaposition ed with the blue and white.

The last painting shows beautiful adobe colored hills with yellow leaves with a hint of green. I like how fluffy the leaves look almost could be flowers. Well I have an adobe colored panama straw I think I will try yellow fluffy flowers to mimic the same effect here.
Just some of my new inspirations cooking in my head for next year.


  1. The colours are so soft and pretty! I can't wait to see how you interpret this in a hat! I love hats though they can look just a wee bit pretentious in my small town unless it's a ball cap or a wool cap. LOL

  2. I have heard that from many hat wearers that you have to be aware of where you are wearing the hat some communities don't indulge. I am lucky that there are enough wine festivals and horse racing events where I live that hat wearing is becoming more popular and courageous. I will post some as I get them under way. Thanks for looking at my blog and posting a comment. Like you I love comments good, bad, or indifferent....