Sunday, June 29, 2014

On a whim off with the @hair!!!!!

Sometimes coming up with a new look is an evolutionary process. I went on such a trip over the past three years. Feeling a bit bored with my hairstyle and not knowing where to go with it I decided to grow my hair out. It took me three years and many hairdos and I grew it out. When I got there I played with the color and the texture and decided I didn't really like it after all and I am a short haired girl at heart. Here is a photographic trip of my hair style evolutions.
Start Fall of 2012
yesterday June 28, 2014
too much sun for my eyes but you can see the color better
I have noticed that face has gotten fuller over time and that to balance it I really need the volume to be on top above my eyebrows. I do like the brown/grey mix of my hair which you cannot see in this picture. I am much happier with my sporty chic haircut. I almost did the Mohawk look but the nice lady at the haircut place said,"I think you wont be happy with that look." Today I am glad I didn't go there. My next chore will be to grow out to my natural level of grayness. I am a lot grayer than you think stay tuned for pictures at that evolves.


  1. Hi Adrienne! oh, this is a lot of fun seeing all those iterations, you have been very devoted to your hair quest :) Your short sporty chic cut is great - flattering no nonsense but also really highlights your features and your edgy style. One of those 'she looks so chic but it comes natural to her' type of looks!

    I'll be v. interested to see your grey coming out. Jilly Be of JillyBeJoyful grew out her grey from being red for years, i saw her a few weeks ago at a Britex Fabrics event. She looks fantastic and with the grey hair her incredibly blue eyes take center stage. I am betting that the same will happen with you - your eyes are so gorgeous and such a mysterious color, i think the grey will frame them just perfectly!

    My hair now is pretty similar to your cut here, i really like the 'wash and go' aspect. Hair makes such a huge impact on our personal style, an easy care cut helps me keep things looking good all the time. Happy Day! steph

  2. Hi Adrienne, I am having a bit of a peek at your older posts so I can get to know you a bit more. I can relate to the hair angst! In my lifetime I have regularly grown it all and hacked it all off as well as making many grow out attempts that get aborted sooner. I find there are pros and cons to any style and when I am focusing on the cons I get a bit drastic and decide that the opposite would be better. I love short hair but after much experimenting have decided I don't love it on my own face. I definitely like low maintenance hair too.

    My mum, who has very fine, straight hair and a smallish head, gets her hair permed as her best solution. She doesn't wear it in tight curls but sort of brushes them out into waves. It gives her the volume she needs and is much lower maintenance for her than daily heat styling. I loved seeing all the different looks on you but in the end, no matter what anyone else says about how good a style looks you really have to love it yourself. I am glad you did not get the mohawk!