Thursday, March 27, 2014

The birth of a new hat

I am making a hat for someone to wear at a horse race in Dubai, Saudi Arabia. We talked about the style she wanted and looked at the dress she would be wearing and her accessories. We came up with a color that is sort of a neutral luggage tan/brown. The color was complimentary to peacock feathers and her dress. So here are a few shots of the beginning of the blocking process. I have dyed the sinemay prior to draping and blocking it on the hatblocks.
Brim block with sinemay draped over it

crown block with the ribbon I was to match

The brim and crown actually are the same color but the camera made the brim look lighter. Tomorrow stiffner will be applied. Drying time is needed in between these steps.
The edge has been wired and a bias binding sewn on over it.

here the brim is ready for the crown to be attached. I added a collar from buckram for support. A Petersham head band will be sewn on as well. The blue tape marks center back.
hat with hat band before sewn on
finished hat with decor that is detachable for travel
The dress will be worn with an emerald green sheath dress.


  1. i apologize in advance for swearing on a lady's blog but Adrienne





    That is one durn gorgeous hat! Wow! I was enjoying seeing the whole process, but then the finished product is a complete knockout! So elegant, so original, i love the way the peacock feathers curve like that as opposed to the standard 'up and out' look. Good grief this will be absolutely stunning with an emerald green sheath - how i would love to see pics on the woman herself at the event! But i have to admit it's so much fun just imagining it :)

    Take care you! steph

    1. thanks I had fun with this customer she was extremely beautiful and nice to deal with