Sunday, August 19, 2012

NEW GLASSES:When do you get them?

Above are the old glasses. Below the new ones.

Not much difference. The shape is subtly different the lower corners are a bit more curved, the colors at the temples are more like my eye color shades of green. I just know I can see a whole lot better out of this prescription. There has only been 2 years between these glasses but it makes a HUGE difference.


  1. Adrienne, I love BOTH pairs, but the new ones are definitely nice with your green eyes. I have red frames, blue frames, and black frames...oh, and silver.

  2. Thanks Mary a girl after my own heart... I was working on a voter registration table when my husband decided to take my picture of my new glasses...

  3. Wow, subtle differences but really great looking! i love getting new glasses, i finally got my first pair of rx sunnies this year and they are so nice on my eyeballs. and it's shocking how much your rx can change in two short years!!!

    those hoops in pic #2 are just knocking my socks off. Yowza! steph

    1. Thanks Steph, The hoops came from my daughter that decided they were too big for her. I thought the colors were great. I love getting new glasses but oh do I have trouble picking them out. The very nice salesperson has an eye for what will work on people. I got lucky.