Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hats Hats and more hats

Do you wear hats? Allot of women want to but get hung up on what will look good on them. There is advice from stylists that talk about face shape. Baloney! It is a lot easier to find what looks good on you. I have a simple way to tell.

1.Look at your shoulder line. The hat brim width should not be wider than your shoulders.

2. What hairstyle do you wear. The bob long or short wears hats well. Long hair is easier to cover with a hat stylishly. The trickiest hair styles are the super short ones for hats. As long as some bangs and sideburns show under the brim it will work.

3. Color is very important. Neutrals are the most commonly selected and worn hat. Most natural straw hats are neutrals. Pick one that compliments your skin tone. If you want color then wear what compliments your eye color or your hair color. Black is always a safe color but hot in the summer. Accent colors that means all colors for hats that aren't neutral or black should some how relate to the outfit you will wear it with. I didn't say match...

4. Trims on hats reflect the mood of the hat. Flowers and veiling are more feminine. Tailored hats usually have simple hatbands. Lots of artistic decor can go either way. Just pick a hat that reflects the mood of the outfits you will commonly be wearing it with

5. Size the hat. First of all buy a hat that fits. Store hats are usually one size. Measure you head around above the ears where the hat will sit. Most common size is 22.5 inches. If your head is bigger don't jam a small one on your head. If your head is smaller then you can probably tighten the trim so it fits.
6. Wear the hat with the crown on your head pushed down above your eyebrows. Tilt it if you choose but not back so the brim is perpendicular to the sky!

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