Sunday, October 18, 2015

Chanel Jacket FINALLY done!!!!!

I have been literally working on this Chanel jacket for over 1.5 years. I intend on making three of them. This first one was the trial one where I can make all of my mistakes. I did a lot of hand sewing. The organza selvage strips used to reinforce all of the folds and edges all hand stitched. The seams of the lining all hand stitched. The double layer of the trims ribbon and top trim all hand stitched.
A few of the jacket seams were machine stitched as well as the quilting of the lining was done by machine. 
The fitting of the muslin was a real labor of love. You would think it would have been easy as it is a boxy jacket and I have a boxy build, but it was not. I have very horizontal shoulders way more than the pattern allows.
Over all I did enjoy the process very much. I used the Craftsy class "The Iconic Tweed Jacket" as my teacher and used the Vogue pattern 7975 as my basis for the jacket. The fabric I used was a type of synthetic tweed wool blend. The lining was polyester. I have to say that polyester had a mind of its own and was a beast to work with.  I will use silk for the lining next time so much easier to work with I think.I am going over to Visible Monday on her new website hosting page see ya there.